You're passionate about a cause, we're passionate about helping you succeed.

Non-profit organizations like yours can have loyal fans, but many times there is a failure to engage those fans on a regular basis. With Cause Machine, connecting with your community of users is easy and allows members to interact with one another as well, creating long-lasting engagement.

We understand the challenges you face.

Lasting value and impact.
Creating content specifically for your paying members is a breeze with Cause Machine.

Continued momentum after events.
Stay connected with your event attendees and push them to continue a pursuit of the cause at the heart of your organization.

Connecting your community members.
With online groups and discussions, your members will can engage with one another on a personal level.

Simple membership options.
Easily set up free and paid membership tiers in Cause Machine, with access to a dashboard with insights on signups and membership distribution.

Managing your users.
With member dashboards, getting insights to your community has never been easier.

Half-baked management systems.
With Cause Machine, you don't need to worry about logging into multiple platforms to manage your community.

We've got features built just for you.

Donor Engagement

If your organization accepts donations, you can do that right inside Cause Machine via online payments and trigger automatic engagement emails with your donors.  

Key Membership Features

 Track donations and financial impact

 Automated emails and confirmation of donations

 Engage donors with content geared specifically for them

eCourses, Events, & Content

If your business has an online or in-person learning component, Cause Machine is perfect for you.  Your members can access your free or paid eCourses, attend in-person events complete with online registration and event exhibitors, and learn from a variety of your blogs, videos, and podcasts. The best part is it's all contained in Cause Machine and requires no technical expertise to set up and manage.

Key Content Features

 Robust Event Management & Registration

 Sell Online Video eCourses

 Members-Only Original Content

Community Groups

It’s more than just having great content and resources for your community -  they also want to connect with each other.  Truth is, allowing them to connect with each other (either in person or virtually) is one of the secrets to exponential viral growth.  Cause Machine has tools to help you manage online events like webinars and in person events like conferences.  You also have resources to host online groups so your members can connect with each other around shared interests.

Key Connection Features

 Host events complete with registration and payment

 Create online groups for like-minded connections

 Allow users to interact through moderated commenting

Website Builder & Marketing

Building an elegant and simple website is essential today.  That’s why we designed a simple to use drag and drop page builder tool so anyone can create amazing websites.  Cause Machine allows you to create your own site navigation structure and easily build custom pages all designed with integrated system pages to help you quickly set up and manage your community website.

Key Membership Features

 Build Your Site With Our Custom CMS

 Access to Automated Marketing Tools

 Integrate With Various 3rd Party Software Solutions

Ready to streamline your content creation process?