Key insights to your business and followers.

Gaining a loyal base of customers and followers isn't always easy, that's why we focus on providing you with the data to make the right decisions.  Our real-time dashboards help you key analytic data like which content is most popular, which users are the most active, and the areas of interest that are most prevalent among your members.  All of this information helps give you a leg up when building out your communication roadmap.

We understand the challenges you face.

Standing out from your competition.
Our custom website builder allows you to have a platform that fits your brand.

Presenting customers with value.
Creating content specifically for your paying members is a breeze with Cause Machine.

Staying in front of your audience.
Set up automated communication to draw your members back to the community.

Complex content delivery systems.
Our all-in-one content creation and delivery system allows you to focus on the things you do best.

Managing your key user data.
With member dashboards, getting insights to your community has never been easier.

Building a community of followers.
With both free and paid membership options, you can open the door to a whole new audience and convert them to loyal followers.

We've got features built just for you.

Built-in eCommerce

Our eCommerce solution allows you sell digital products complete with email delivery to your customers.  Products can be grouped into various categories to make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.  Track your financial progress on an overall store basis, or dig into each product to see how it they are performing individually.  Product setup is easy - you'll be selling in no time.

Key eCommerce Features

 Sell digital products such as eBooks or Audio sessions

 Financial reports with insights to performance

 Create coupons and promo codes

eCourses, Events, & Content

If your business has an online or in-person learning component, Cause Machine is perfect for you.  Your members can access your free or paid eCourses, attend in-person events complete with online registration and event exhibitors, and learn from a variety of your blogs, videos, and podcasts. The best part is it's all contained in Cause Machine and requires no technical expertise to set up and manage.

Key Content Features

 Robust Event Management & Registration

 Sell Online Video eCourses

 Members-Only Original Content

Website Builder & Marketing

Building an elegant and simple website is essential today.  That’s why we designed a simple to use drag and drop page builder tool so anyone can create amazing websites.  Cause Machine allows you to create your own site navigation structure and easily build custom pages all designed with integrated system pages to help you quickly set up and manage your community website.

Key Membership Features

 Build Your Site With Our Custom CMS

 Access to Automated Marketing Tools

 Integrate With Various 3rd Party Software Solutions

Ready to streamline your content creation process?