Community Engagement Coaching

Leading a membership community has its challenges.  

Cause Machine coaching builds a comprehensive plan to help you launch review your growing community.

Coaching Objective:

To help you build a workable strategy plan for launching and engaging your community while fully setting up your Cause Machine community.

24 Session Coaching Package


Comprehensive Community Management Coaching

One on One




Worksheets +


24 Session Coaching Structure

  • Creating a Community Launch Strategy

  • Focusing on Key Platform Tools

  • Developing a Community Promise

  • Designing a Member Intentional Pathway

  • Developing a Monetization Strategy

  • Identifying Core Calls to Action

  • Creating a Lead Generator Resource

  • Optimizing Lead Generator Configuration

  • Configuring Website Navigation

  • Designing & Launching Homepage

  • Setting Up Membership Offerings

  • Creating an Onboarding Strategy

  • Create a Guidance Pathway

  • Creating a Content Strategy

  • Developing a Story Strategy

  • Creating a Groups Strategy

  • Creating a Course Strategy

  • Creating an Events Strategy

  • Leveraging Integrations & Social Media

  • Listening Well to Community Needs

  • Gleaning Insights from Analytics

  • Building a Team

  • Developing an Annual Review

  • Celebrating Success

Strategy Development + Platform Configuration

We often hear the need for not only assistance in setting up a community site in the most optimized manner but also a great need for a deeper strategy that helps launch and engage a community well.  This package is designed to help you do both and to weave them seamlessly together.  This package not only walks you through these 24 foundational lessons, it literally gets the work done for you.  When you finish this coaching venture you will have implemented each of these core foundations.

Part 1

Strategy Development

These are the foundations you need to launch and grow your community for success.  These foundations help you map out the overall plans for your engagement not only for launch but for continued refinement.

Part 2

Platform Configuration 

Then we put it all into practice and implement your customized strategy plan into Cause Machine so it's ready to go.