All the features you need to build a community, all in one place.

We understand that you have more important things to do than becoming a technology expert, especially dealing with the challenges of plugins and making one system work with another.  That’s why we created Cause Machine as a single platform to house your website, courses, content, events, member management, and so much more.  Stop cobbling together a half dozen other systems and start making life simple with Cause Machine.

Grow a Tribe

It’s more than just having followers on your Facebook page, it’s inviting your tribe into the exclusive experience of connecting with you and others in your community. People crave connection and a place to share their thoughts, questions, and experiences. Growing a tribe of followers with Cause Machine gives you the ability to own that space where people connect and find community.

Key Growth Features

 Offer Free & Paid Memberships

 Set up Subscriptions for your Members

 Full Control Over Membership Approvals & Permissions

Teach Your Community

As you build a community there is an ever growing need to nurture your audience.  Cause Machine helps you “care and feed” your members through your blog, member exclusive content, e-courses, podcast, and stories.  You can choose which of these are available publicly and which are available behind a membership login.

Key Teaching Features

 Public and Restricted Content

 Automated Community Digests

 Fully Integrated e-Course Module

Connect Your Followers

It’s more than just having great content and resources for your community -  they also want to connect with each other.  Truth is, allowing them to connect with each other (either in person or virtually) is one of the secrets to exponential viral growth.  Cause Machine has tools to help you manage online events like webinars and in person events like conferences.  You also have resources to host online groups so your members can connect with each other around shared interests.

Key Connection Features

 Host events complete with registration and payment

 Create online groups for like-minded connections

 Allow users to interact through moderated commenting

Communicate Your Vision

Building an elegant and simple website is essential today.  That’s why we designed a simple to use drag and drop page builder tool so anyone can create amazing websites.  Cause Machine allows you to create your own site navigation structure and easily build custom pages all designed with integrated system pages to help you quickly set up and manage your community website.

Key Website Features

 Customize Personal Branding

 Design Custom Pages

 Mobile Responsive

Ready to get started on building your community?