Who is Cause Machine for?

If you have a following, then Cause Machine is for you.  If you are an aspiring author, speaker, entrepreneur, event coordinator, or non-profit leader then this platform is here to help you build and grow a tribe.

Content Creators

Are you a blogger, author, speaker, online teacher, or someone who creates content to better equip others? Are you looking do more than just post your content but build a tribe around your message? Then Cause Machine is for you. We can help you take your amazing content, bundle it together in one environment, and build a tribe around your resources.



Are you a business owner or do you have an idea that could change the world? Your loyal followers want a place where they can engage with you, attend events, and get access to exclusive content through easy to manage memberships.


Non-Profit Leaders

Are you leading a non-profit organization where you’re posting content, hosting events, managing members, taking donations, and everything else non-profits so perfectly balance?  Great, we love that!  Cause Machine helps non-profits go from having fans to loyal advocates of your organization. 

Looking for a little more?

We offer Enterprise plans for large organizations.

Contact us to talk with a team member about how Cause Machine can help you build a community for your audience.  We've got a variety of customization options to fit your needs.

Ready to build your community?

Our team is here to help you propel your community and vision forward.