Cause Machine eBooks

Here at Cause Machine, we're committed to helping you succeed in engaging your community.  We've found that there's this perfect blend of platform and strategy needed o make that happen.  That's why we invest so much in our strategy resources.  Our eBooks are one of the many ways we help organizations build better community engagement strategies.  We hope these serve you well as you continue to grow and engage.

How to Take Your Community Digital

You want to have a dynamic and multi-dimensional community that thrives. In order to do that, you need a strategy of both online and offline engagement. The problem is things are shutting down and being canceled which causes anxiety over revenue sources and the future.

We believe there’s a solution that leverages what you’re already doing to help you grow in this season. This document will help you think through your approach to engaging a virtual community (and it all works regardless if you ever choose to use Cause Machine as your technology solution).

How to Monetize Your Community

You want to have a significant impact on the world AND generate revenue. In order to do that you need valuable resources and a means to deliver those great resources. The problem is that most people with great content and a great community don’t yet have the right tools or plan to bring this next step in their vision to life.  We understand the challenges of building a revenue-producing community.  This is why we've created this resource to help you build a plan forward.  

Running a Great Virtual Event

Running a virtual event can be a challenge.... everything from building your plan to knowing how best to bring it all to life.  This eBook is designed to help you navigate that process and bring your virtual event to life.  You will explore general virtual event principles, how to build a schedule, marketing ideas, guiding attendees, creating an event management war room, engaging exhibitors, connecting attendees, and more.  We've even included an event setup checklist.  

Transforming Events into Movements

Creating an event with a long-lasting impact is a challenge.  This FREE resource helps you build a roadmap and plan for making your events "sticky" and learning how to better leverage an event to build your community.  

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