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by Will Rogers


Understanding Your Focus Ryhthm

So what’s a Focus Rhythm?  

Basically… it’s the natural rhythm of your organization and your cycles.  For example, some organizations have an annual event that would have a one-year-long Focus Rhythm.  Other organizations might have a weekly gathering that gives you a weekly Focus Rhythm.  There is something in your organization that gives you a natural (or adopted) Focus Rhythm.  I want to spend some time talking about what to do with these.

I find that most organizations place 90% of their energy toward their #1 Focus Rhythm.  This often leaves a great opportunity in another Focus Rhythm stride.  

Before we dive into how to manage and leverage these, I want to challenge all of us to identify our natural rhythm and to explore how else we could engage our audience.  Just because we have a rhythm doesn’t mean it’s the best rhythm or it can’t change.  


Step 1: Know Your Rhythm

The first big thing to tackle here is just knowing your rhythm.  I’ve seen it most common where there is a primary rhythm and then a few secondary rhythms.  But rarely is there a competing primary rhythm.  Be honest with yourself here.  There’s a temptation to want to fight this and be something you’re not.  For example, most weekly rhythm organizations don’t have strong long-range cycles of engagement (or intentional pathways of engagement).  That’s okay… we just need to know our baseline here.  


Step 2: Explore Opportunities

You could spend some time mapping out all of the things you do in your natural rhythm, but here I want to focus on what other opportunities you have.  The goal here is to find a presence where you may not be actively engaging.  For example, an annual conference might have great engagement once a year but are there opportunities for monthly engagement and having a new rhythm for more ongoing engagement?  Or, for weekly rhythms, is there an opportunity for quarterly focuses or annual themes?


Step 3: Try Things

This might not be easy.  Most organizations have an engine around their primary Focus Rhythm so building something else takes effort.  May I encourage you to think about beta testing?  Get out and try seeing what other rhythms might work with your community. You might stumble on finding a huge need from your community and untapped potential.  


Cause Machine Solutions

The Cause Machine platform allows you to engage in multiple engagement rhythms and the opportunity to try others.  The foundation here is your strategy… Cause Machine is a means to help you bring your vision and strategy to life… no matter your Focus Rhythm.   Schedule a demo today!



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