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7 Digital Funnel Tools

So first off… what’s a digital funnel?  Basically, it’s the same concept of a marketing funnel just focusing on the context of digital resources.  This is how you are leveraging digital resources to guide people into a specific experience or towards a certain goal.  

And yes… you need a digital funnel!  Digital funnels take time to map out and configure but these can work very hard for you as you engage more members and potential members.  Let’s spend some time talking about pieces of your digital funnel and then explore how to order these in a sequence that’s beneficial.  


Goal #1 - Give more people exposure to you and the great things you are doing.

Goal #2 - Guide people into a deeper relationship with your community.



  • Social Media - being present in the world of social media for people to learn about you and make some first steps of connections.  

  • Paid Social Advertising - similar to general social media but this ads the dynamic of paying for ads so more people have visibility on your community.

  • Website - your online storefront to help people get to know you and what you have to offer - a simple place to cast your vision.

  • Lead Generators - key assets that people can explore, download, and get to know you better as they explore your unique value proposition.

  • Calendaring Tools - means for people to schedule a time to meet with you and learn more about what you have to offer.  

  • Webinars and Videos - events or evergreen content available for people to gain a better understanding of you and your community.  

  • Drip Email Campaigns - automations that help guide new people into a better experience with you by slowly “dripping” them content and value.  

Remember the most basic map for how you are guiding people: Public > Free > Paid.  This is your most basic funnel or pathway and digital assets are designed to help facilitate that at every step.  Digital tools help move this process forward and automate certain stages.  Of course, our end goal is always to bring people into relationships and personal connections with each other but these digital tools help us archive a greater scale of meaningful connections.  



  • Assessment - assess what you currently have and what you need

  • Brainstorm - dream about what you could potentially do

  • Research - explore the tools that can help you make this happen

  • Recruit - find the right people to help make things happen

  • Create - build your content and digital resources

  • Configure - get things set up on the various tools

  • Launch - press the “on” button and let things start working

  • Review - track what’s happening, working, or not

  • Adjust - refine your process as you learn about what’s working or not


You will be amazed at how well these simple ideas and steps will work for you.  The most difficult part is the discipline and time to get these created… but you’ll be thankful once it’s all done.  And don’t forget to have fun while you build all of this!


Cause Machine Solutions

Cause Machine can be a critical part of your digital funnel - both in early introductions to new people and the place to hang out once they join your community.  Cause Machine has tools to help you build your website, create and host lead generators, customize sales landing pages, automate email sequences, welcome people well into a new community, and more.  Schedule a demo today!


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