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I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our ebooks here in a blog post to make sure you’re aware of some great resources we’ve created.  One thing we’ve learned over the years is that engaging a community well is equally about your strategy as it is about your technology platform.  Don’t believe the myth that it’s all about having the right technology.  Remember the movie Field of Dreams and the “build it and they will come” line.  Well… it doesn’t work like that.  That’s why we work diligently to create resources to better equip you to build an excellent strategy.  Here are just a few of these resources.  


How to Take Your Community Digital

This ebook walks you through a step-by-step process to think out and transform your community into a digital community and leverage key resources to make that happen.  This is a great resource for initially considering how to move and expand a purely physical community into the physical + digital space.  Explore Cause Machine eBooks


How to Monetize Your Community

This ebook helps map out many ways that you can monetize your community - through means like memberships, events, products, courses, donations, and more.  This resource is helpful to dig into your revenue and business model for sustainable growth.  You’ll find many creative ideas and actionable strategies.  Explore Cause Machine eBooks


Running a Great Virtual Event

COVID brought on an acceleration of virtual events that in many ways are here to stay.  And while we believe all digital should be driving to in-person connections, there’s a strategic place for virtual events.  But virtual events do take a lot of planning and management.  This resource dives deep into how to build your virtual event strategy and how to bring that to life with detailed processes, checklists, and more.  Explore Cause Machine eBooks


Transforming Events into Movements

Many times events are the epicenter for a community to connect - and those events are such a great opportunity to keep people engaged long after the event.  That also takes a strategy and intentionality.  This resource helps you build a map to leverage your events and turn them into catalysts for your community.  Explore Cause Machine eBooks


All of these resources are FREE and can help you no matter where you decide to build your online community.  Our desire is to see you do that well and engage your community well.  

Explore Cause Machine eBooks

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Cause Machine Solutions

One of the most significant pieces of what sets Cause Machine apart from other technology platforms is where we start… with a community engagement strategy.  We begin all of our work on the foundation of engaging a community well and then begin mapping out the technology to help support that strategy.  We’re certain that you’ll find some great resources and powerful tools in Cause Machine to better engage your community as well.   Schedule a demo today!


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